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Welcome to my blog! In my school (and many other schools in Ireland), fourth year - the year after our Junior Cert - is optional. It's a non-exam-based year but there's still plenty to do like projects in various subjects, work experience, competitions and trying out loads of new things! This year, a new idea was brought into TY; for each student to write a blog on their year...so this is my blog about my experience of TY. I started writing it in Spetember/October and it'll go up to the end of May when we get our Summer holidays and TY is over... If you're thinking of doing TY or if you just want to know more make sure you send me questions and I'll try my best to answer! Enjoy reading it!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tag 4: Hawaii

I've always loved Hawaiin music (I know that's wierd). I watch the first scene of "Lilo & Stitch" on repeat all the time because the music mixed with the dancing is so nice :D By the way, Hawaii is technically part of America, but I'm treating it as part of Oceania.

An interesting fact about Hawaii is that in their language, there is no word that actually means "music".

They use chanting and hulu dance to express themselves. In Hulu dance, all the movements mean something different and are very specific. A lot of the more traditional Hawaiin music has become less popular as music from the American mainland has become part of their lives.

Here's the song from Lilo & Stitch that I love...It's called He Mele No Lilo which means "A Song For Lilo". You can look up what the lyrics mean on the internet...they mention mountains and flowers but the translations can be kinda cryptic :)

Here's another Hawaiin song, which sounds pretty cool. It's called He'eia.

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