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Welcome to my blog! In my school (and many other schools in Ireland), fourth year - the year after our Junior Cert - is optional. It's a non-exam-based year but there's still plenty to do like projects in various subjects, work experience, competitions and trying out loads of new things! This year, a new idea was brought into TY; for each student to write a blog on their year...so this is my blog about my experience of TY. I started writing it in Spetember/October and it'll go up to the end of May when we get our Summer holidays and TY is over... If you're thinking of doing TY or if you just want to know more make sure you send me questions and I'll try my best to answer! Enjoy reading it!!

What is Transition Year?

As my "about me" widget explains...Transition Year (TY) is fourth year in the Irish school system. It comes straight after the Junior Certificate exams and right before the beginning of the Leaving Certificate cycle. I don't know how many schools in Ireland offer it but it's becoming more and more popular. It's an optional year in most schools (it is compulsory in some schools but its not compulsory within the state) and is non-exam-based.
The curriculum is very different to every other year and focuses a lot on group work, project work and develops students personally as well as academically. Some academic work is done too, but in different ways.
In my school, we cover nearly every subject; English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Home Ec, Technology, Art, PE, Pastoral Care, Religion & the language we studied for the Junior Cycle (either French or Spanish), modules like Mini Company and we compete in all sorts of competitions like F1 in Schools, The Briery Gap Drama Competition, The Kildare Enterprise Board Mini Company Competition, Rugby Tournaments and the Young Scientist. (We've won loads of prizes in these competitions too!...check out photos taken of all the different winning teams here at Ms. L's TY blog...) 
Other cool tings we did included a trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre, workshops in Jembe Drumming, Podcasting & Drama, dance, pilates & rugby, dress designing in Home Ec, clock-making in Tech and singing "Mama Said" by Dionne Bromfield for the school's annual music night.
My year has 57 girls in it...29 in Class Amina & 28 in Class Emnet (I'm in Class Emnet). Next year there'll be 3 TY classes. We'll be mixing in with other third years who decided not to do TY so we'll have a different year again.
I really love TY...it's given me a nice change after the Junior Cert, I've learnt loads and I've made a lot of new friends.
I know that TY will always be the most unforgettable year ever for me :)